Foundation Repair Experts Help You Identify the Signs of Settlement






For over 70 years,our family has been helping Ohio homeowners keep their houses waterproof and sturdy. This family owned and operated foundation repair and waterproofing company knows that a solid foundation and a dry basement are the keys to a structurally sound home. The team at Jack Boiman Sons & Daughters takes pride in maintaining lengthy relationships with their customers, ensuring their satisfaction and security for many years.

In addition to building relationships with customers, Jack Boiman Sons & Daughters also builds lasting relationships with their employees. Each new generation of foundation repair experts receives extensive training from their predecessors, meaning they are prepared to tackle every foundation crack repair, bulging wall, or leaking basement that comes their way.

One of the most common issues homeowners experience is foundation settling. While some settling is to be expected due to soil condition, climate, and the passage of time, serious problems can arise if your concrete foundation is not properly supported or maintained. Visible cracks may appear when your foundation settles, but they are not always indicative of a serious problem. Hairline cracks should be monitored and measured occasionally to make sure natural settling doesn’t become a bigger problem. You may be experiencing more serious foundation damage if you notice other parts of your home don’t look or feel right. These signs include a tilted chimney, doors and windows that have become difficult to open, and cracks in your exterior brick or stucco.

Fortunately, foundation problems can be repaired. Jack Boiman Sons & Daughters specializes in two methods of foundation repair, which are stabilizing walls and steel piering.

  • Stabilizing Walls:This repair method is ideal for fixing foundation cracks caused by lateral movement. This process includes bracing the existing wall, excavating the damaged concrete, pouring a secondary wall to tie the wall back together, installing new drain tile, and waterproofing the seams.
  • Steel Piering: This method is also known as underpinning. To perform this repair method, steel supports are driven into the soil below your foundation until each support reaches a load bearing soil. Brackets are then installed to connect the supports to the foundation to stabilize the settled area. This method is effective for resolving settlement issues.

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Learn About Steel Piering From Cincinnati’s Foundation Repair Specialists


Over 70 years, Our family has been offering dedicated foundation crack repair and waterproofing services to homeowners in the Cincinnati area. Taking on all jobs related to ensuring a dry basement, the crews of this company are adept at the latest and most effective techniques of the trade. Among these techniques is the RAMJACK steel piering process—a particularly effective method of repairing foundations that are sinking or settling, and that may have undergone significant damage.

What does steel piering fix? As happens all too often, a home’s foundation will sink or settle as a result of poor drainage or unstable surrounding soil conditions. This kind of damage is progressive, leading to bulging walls and foundation settlement, which can compromise the structural stability of the house.

How does it work? There are two kinds of Steel piering: push piers reinforce the failing foundation using epoxy coated steel pipe attached to the foundation, and helical piers employ screw piles and steel shafts to support the home. With both of these systems, the steel connects the foundation to areas of more stable soil to ensure structural stability. Foundations that are sinking can then even be elevated back to their original level.

Compared to replacing the foundation, this process is much cheaper and less invasive. You can still use your house while it’s being done.

If you’re seeing signs of foundation settlements—like cracks in the walls, floor or tiles, or doors, and windows that stick—see if the steel piering is right for you. Learn more about the RAMJACK steel piering process visit www.RAMJACK.COM  and all the services provided by Jack Boiman Sons & Daughters by visiting this company online, or by calling (513) 598-2800.