What Are Bulging Walls & How Can They Be Fixed?


Owning a home or office building can be a frustrating endeavor. A multitude of issues can suddenly pop up that you aren’t expecting and have no idea how to handle. Bulging walls are one of those strange issues. What causes a bulged wall and what can you do about it?  You don’t have to worry. Leave your home in the hands of the professionals at Jack Boiman Sons & Daughtersin Cleves, Ohio. They know what to do and how to get your home back in shape

Why Do Walls Bulge?

Bowing, leaning, or cracking in external walls can be the result of a few different symptoms, but it’s always due to a decrease in wall stability. You’ll find these symptoms in old as well as newer buildings. Here are some causes:

  • Excess moisture causing clay swell-bowing
  • Extreme lack of moisture causing clay shrinkage-settlement
  • Improper building practices
  • Lack of drainage systems around foundation

How to Identify Bulging Walls:

Bulging walls can be diagnosed through visual examination. You may find cracks horizontally, diagonally, and vertically in the foundation walls.  If you see a crack/bulge, call Jack Boiman Sons & Daughters and have them conduct a detailed examination. They will evaluate your foundation at no charge and estimate a proper repair.

How to Fix Bulging Walls:

There are many options for repairing and fixing your bulging wall though none are simple. Call Jack Boiman Sons & Daughters to check out your wall and determine the best way to prevent further bowing.

If you see any structural problems with your building, including bulged walls, waterproofing and foundation settlement, call Jack Boiman Sons & Daughters today. Their number is (513) 598-2800, or you can visit them online for more information.


4 Stormwater Runoff Tips From Cleves’ Waterproofing Company

Controlling stormwater runoff is essential to the homeowner, something the waterproofing and foundation repair people  at Jack Boiman Sons & Daughters in Cleves, OH, constantly emphasize. Every home has runoff from rain or melting snow that does not soak into the ground.  This surface water runoff is a naturally occurring and generally unavoidable event.  Water will always follow the rules of gravity.  Higher property landowners should consider how their lot grading and discharge of surface water may potentially impact the lower property. Lower property landowners should recognize the natural rules of drainage while considering the impact of restricting runoff from a higher property.  A reasonable and cooperative compromise will serve both parties and foster a neighborly attitude that may be enjoyed for years to come.

Jack Boiman Sons & Daughters, Inc., offers a variety of resolutions for your surface water problems, including downspout runoffs, drywells, window well drainage, swales, surface drains, etc…

Discuss these and other solutions regarding stormwater runoff with the team at Jack Boiman Sons & Daughters. Yard drains and runoffs are among the company’s specialties, a family-owned-and-operated business . For more on yard drainage, foundation repair, and other services available through Jack Boiman Sons & Daughters, call (513) 598-2800, or visit the website today.


3 Reasons to Hire a Basement Waterproofing Company

3 Reasons to Hire a Basement Waterproofing Company

As a homeowner, performing do-it-yourself repairs is always appealing. However, there are some things such as basement waterproofing that are better left to the professionals. Jack Boiman Son & Daughters in Cleves, OH, knows fixing a leaking basement isn’t always cheap, but hiring a professional in such cases is incredibly important.

If you have a leaky basement you’re in need of foundation repairs, here are three reasons to call a professional waterproofing company:

  • Experience: Repairing the foundation of your home or fixing leaks and cracks is no easy task: it takes years of expertise to be able to perform safe and enduring quality repairs. Because foundation repair and waterproofing are an important investment, hiring an experienced waterproofing company is essential.
  • Efficiency: Jack Boiman Son & Daughters understands, no matter how big your problem is, it needs to be repaired as soon as possible, so you can go about your daily business. Hiring a reliable contracting company to perform repairs will help ensure your household is back to normal again in no time.
  • Licensing: When you enlist the services of a reliable waterproofing company, you can rest assured knowing a licensed contractor who has extensive knowledge will perform the work. Jack Boiman Son & Daughters is insured and fully licensed, guaranteeing you receive the best services possible, as well as ensuring you won’t be held liable for any on-the-job accidents.

To have your work done by an insured and licensed waterproofing company, contact the professionals from Jack Boiman Son & Daughters today by calling (513) 598-2800, or visit the professionals online for a complete list of services.


3 Signs You Have a Leaking Basement

What once looked like a small crack in your basement wall may now be lined with tiny specks of moisture. While this early indication of a leaking basement may be easy to ignore, it can turn into a bigger problem if not addressed in time. To help you counter this situation effectively, Jack Boiman Sons & Daughters suggests watching out for more obvious signs and getting timely basement waterproofing services. The Cincinnati, OH-based company has been the most trusted name in waterproofing basements for almost 70 years.

The professionals at Jack Boiman Sons & Daughters highlight these telltale indications of a leaking basement to get the issue fixed without delay:

Water Stains: No matter its size, a continuous stream of water from a tiny crevice can leave unsightly water marks on your basement’s floors and walls. The spots on your wall are indicative that moisture seeped in through a crack in your home’s foundation. This can happen, especially if there are preexisting grading issues, which get compounded by higher moisture levels during rainy weather.

  • Mold Growth: The appearance of mold is one of the most alarming symptoms basement leaks. Since mold thrives in moisture, its onset means your basement’s water level is high enough to become a breeding ground for fungal growth. Whether it’s green, black, or any other shade, mold sighting warrants thorough repair work for your leaking basement on top of professional mold removal services.
  • Cracking Walls & Floors: They may begin as minor breakages, but prolonged exposure to water can widen the gaps in your floors and foundation walls considerably. The most effective way of nipping this problem in the bud is to consult Jack Boiman Sons & Daughters right from the time you start noticing these cracks. Fixing them earlier is definitely more cost-effective than fixing the havoc they wreak if left unaddressed.

The most effective way to fix a leaking basement is to address the visible signs early. Thanks to their extensive knowledge of waterproofing basements, Jack Boiman Sons & Daughters can save your home’s foundation from any major disaster. For further information about their basement waterproofing services in Cincinnati, call (513) 598-2800.